ANT ENOCH – Natural Light

ANT ENOCH’S recent single “Natural Light,” dropped on April 19, 2024, transmits a unique message to the indie music world with its reflective depth and calm sound. This forthcoming EP “Big Talk Big Party” is going to have a track that will blend together a dreamy soundscape with deep lyrics to delve into the issues of being genuine and finding self-acceptance.

Designed with a purposeful production of the natural sound of a vintage drum machine and a 90-year-old piano, “Natural Light” resembles Julie Byrne, Beth Orton, and Agnes Obel’s works that bring a peaceful listening experience. The track slowly transitions into ambient, cinematic textures and this is the journey of Enoch from his humble beginnings in a Bankstown DIY studio to a much more refined and chamber pop-sounding style.

In a more lyrical sense, “Natural Light” deals with our own and others’ struggles of being and becoming the best version of ourselves in the open light of the honest truth. ANT ENOCH touches upon the inevitability of making decisions that may not be aligned with one’s personal desires, which speaks to the theme of the entire song. The song’s narrative is about transparency and the complications of seeing people for who they really are, not as we would wish them to be.

This one may not just be a musical journey for its listeners but it can also be a call for appreciating oneself and embracing the best of one’s self. This means that “Natural Light” is a piece of work that is relevant to those who are struggling with self-identity and the courage it takes to stand up for the truth of oneself. ANT ENOCH’s combination of poetic honesty and smooth instrumentation distinguishes him among the young indie music artists and reflects his devotion to writing emotionally relatable and deep tunes.


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