Tymisha – Thin White Lines

Tymisha, the rising star from East Yorkshire, has again impressed her fans with her latest single, “Thin White Lines.” The soothing and contemplative track uses the artist’s skills to turn private life thoughts into a memorable audio experience that many feel close to their heart.

Immediately in the beginning the song lines “Thin White Lines” come to the listener’s ears and they find themselves trapped in a world of raw feelings and vulnerability. Tymisha’s vocal performance is soulful and laced with a haunting flavor. The story that unfolds is filled with both sadness and a profound understanding of the human condition. Her lyrical content, which has been created with the utmost honesty and sincerity, is dedicated to the complexities of life and how we deal with them, giving solace to those who have gone the same.

And that one element is what really makes this song unique, which is her capability to turn something so morbid into something divine. Her storytelling, full of emotion, brings more than just words; that is the experience of a captivated auditory, that goes beyond the physical mind. Every verse, every chorus, is a manifestation of the singer’s strength and her consistency in channeling her music as a way of therapy for herself as well as her listeners.

The production and instrumentation that Tymisha has used in her songs are of the highest quality and that makes her artistry even more amazing. The acoustic guitar and the subdued percussion are the perfect combination; creating an atmosphere that even though is gentle, also has so much power, which allows her voice to shine and the audience to focus on her singing from beginning to end.

“Thin white line” is a phenomenal new track of Tymisha’s growing body of work and it makes her a rising star in the alt-scenes. Through making a connection with listeners at a very intimate level, Tymisha managed to design a music that is at once therapeutic and upbeat, and one that will be remembered by anyone who listened to it for a long time.

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