TYYA B, a versatile musician, singer-songwriter, and accomplished jazz pianist has recently unveiled her latest single, titled “So Easy.” This captivating track serves as the inaugural piece on her forthcoming EP, establishing a thematic tone that resonates throughout the entire album. “So Easy” embodies a dreamy and atmospheric quality, showcasing the distinctive style and musical essence that defines TYYA B.

The composition commences with a gentle and mellifluous piano melody, setting the stage for the unfolding narrative. TYYA B’s vocals gracefully intertwine with the instrumental arrangement, delivering a smooth and soothing performance. The lyrics, though simple, wield a profound impact as they delve into the uncomplicated yet potent emotion of falling in love.

Critical acclaim for TYYA B’s “So Easy” has been resounding, with both music critics and fans praising its dreamlike ambiance and the artist’s unique vocal prowess. For enthusiasts eager to delve deeper into the song’s essence, performance visuals and a lyrics video are accessible on YouTube, providing an alternative means to experience this enchanting musical creation.

In its entirety, “So Easy” stands as a beautiful and enthralling composition, serving as a testament to TYYA B’s artistic talent and creative ingenuity. Acting as a prelude to her imminent EP, the song sets a high standard, generating anticipation for the full album release. Followers of TYYA B and discerning music enthusiasts alike are encouraged to immerse themselves in the auditory delight that is “So Easy.”

TYYA B, hailing from Central Europe and born in Slovenia, has been immersed in a musical environment from an early age. Growing up with a guitarist father and a brother who drummed in various bands, she began vocalizing as a child, gradually transitioning to melody creation and lyric writing. TYYA B’s journey led her to study jazz piano at Austria’s Gustav Mahler University, where she resided for three years.

Currently, in the process of crafting her EP, slated for release in the first half of 2024, TYYA B is poised to unveil a comprehensive album shortly thereafter. “So Easy” serves as the introductory gem in this upcoming EP, featuring TYYA’s songwriting and vocals complemented by R&B production. The song explores the theme of finding ease within oneself or a significant other, portraying a delicate balance of freedom, love, and profound connection.

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