Online Counter Psyops – Hello, Hello Are You Still There?

“Hello, Hello Are You Still There?” stands as a compelling musical endeavor brought to life by the ingenious collaboration of Online Counter Psyops, marking its release in 2023. This meticulously crafted album boasts a collection of seven songs, gracefully woven together to yield a total listening experience of 29 minutes. The artistic minds behind this project, namely E. Grizzly and R. Black, delve into an introspective exploration, seeking insights from their future selves.

This musical masterpiece, available on prominent platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon, and Bandcamp, exemplifies Online Counter Psyops’ distinctive approach to music creation. E. Grizzly and R. Black, drawing influence from a myriad of genres including hip-hop and freestyle, present a harmonious fusion that reflects the rich musical tapestry of E. Grizzly’s Puerto Rican heritage and his formative years in vibrant hip-hop scenes.

Online Counter Psyops, recognized for their DIY ethos, places a paramount emphasis on the artistry of music, live performances, and visual expression rather than adopting an overt strategy for expanding their fan base.

In their second collaboration, E. Grizzly and Marko Level join forces with the A-HA Network to produce the album “Hello, Hello Are You Still There?”. Renowned for their willingness to experiment across genres, the duo returns to their hip-hop roots while seamlessly incorporating elements of trap, bass, and EDM into this release.

Online Counter Psyops, conceptualized as a unique blend of hip hop and EDM, represents the brainchild of E. Grizzly and Marko Level. E. Grizzly, the lead vocalist for the Philadelphia punk band Felipe Pupo, brings his distinctive voice to the forefront, while Marko Level, the lead singer and producer for the Miami-based band Alukard, contributes his multifaceted talents to the project. Both artists boast an extensive performance history, having graced the stages of Philadelphia, Miami, New York City, and Los Angeles.

In essence, “Hello, Hello Are You Still There?” not only showcases the musical prowess of Online Counter Psyops but also serves as a testament to the diverse influences and collaborative spirit that define this dynamic duo’s artistic journey.

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