SAPPHIRE reaches new realms with her electric new offering, “corvette”. Acclaiming luscious harmonies similar to the likes Sabrina Carpenter, Lennon Stella, and Madison Beer, SAPPHIRE enchants with classic songwriting and relatable themes.

Speaking on the project herself, SAPPHIRE explains, “I wrote half of ‘corvette’ in October 2022. I never found the right moment to continue writing it as I knew it needed to feel like the right time. I had a session set up with my co-writer, Alex Stacey, and something told me that the time was right to complete ‘corvette’. I’d never been happier. We wanted to capture all of the sounds of New York in the production – imagine standing in the middle of the street there, with someone playing acoustic guitar on the fire escape above you, someone playing the saxophone to couples walking back from the restaurant, and a car going past playing that perfect driving playlist on the speakers. Also getting to create a story about how I was waiting in the early hours of the morning for a guy to arrive at a New York City bar in his corvette was great fun.”

Whether she’s crafting her own original tracks, interpreting beloved classics, or engaging in collaborations with fellow artists, SAPPHIRE approaches each endeavour with unwavering determination and heartfelt passion. This very ethos has led her to cultivate an international following, encompassing admirers throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia. SAPPHIRE’s latest hit is a testament to her unwavering artistry and we can’t wait to see her thrive within the pop scene.

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