Personal and potent in her approach, London-based rising singer-songwriter Levina has been showcasing her dazzling concoction of alt pop since her artistic inception. Following an eclectic array of releases over the past few years, Levina has proven herself to be a versatile and striking figure in the pop scene, and this fact is only furthered by her new EP, “Let’s Talk”, and lead single with the same title.

Co-written by Madeleine Wood and produced by Swedish beatsmith Hannes Andersson, “Let’s Talk” is a consuming and poignant track that sees Levina illustrate her gorgeous vocality and impressive songwriting. Speaking on experiences with mental health, a topic close to home for the artist, the writing is vivid and retrospective, with Levina delivering the impactful words with a powerful emotional brevity.

“When I wrote the track ‘Let’s Talk’, I had this idea of creating a collection of songs that feel like genuine conversations, whether it be with myself or others. I want these songs to make people think and to empower them to live life on their own terms.”

An excellent offering from a solid EP, make sure Levina is an artist on your radar!

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