Emotion within music is sometimes romanticised or exaggerated, sometimes looked over or misunderstood completely. On her stunning latest offering, however, Taura Lamb has succeeded in enveloping her listener within the purest shade of her poignant reflection.

Since the unmissable “Talk”, Lamb has been very much on our radar. Widely considered as one of the most impressive new pop artists staking her claim to the mainstream, she has once again spellbound us with “Crybaby”, a song that oozes emotional resonance and rich sonic warmth.

On the track, Lamb adds, “I’m someone who cries at everything – be it a wedding, a funeral or a John Lewis Christmas advert, you best believe I will be tearing up. This song is about a time when I felt I needed to mask the crybaby in me a little, it was time for me to be somebody else’s rock and let them cry all the tears. It’s saying ‘I’m going to be so strong in this moment, for once, so that you can completely and utterly collapse if you need to. I’ll be here to talk it out at any time, on any day, and you are allowed to break down, I’ve got you.’”

A striking, gorgeous and heart-rendering addition of Lamb’s impressive discography, we look eagerly ahead to the artists forthcoming project “Moods”, an ambitious concept that will eventually consist of four EPs each based around seperate themes. Watch this space!

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