Rising techno star LAAKE has unveiled their electric new album, VOLT. Provoked by a faulty light fixture and near death experience of electrocution, the album is a gleaming tale which transports listeners into a hypnotic spin. Through speedy piano sounds and looping, twirling, and cascading repetitions, the artist creates an eerie and whirling journey inspired by the power of electricity itself. “I’m not a big fan of concepts,” he admits. “I normally work on instinct. But for this album the concept had already been written, so I decided to make it a strength. It was now unthinkable for me to make an album without electricity.”

Capturing electricity through the soundscape of the album, he expresses an urgency and intricate power through the piano. “The piano is a percussive instrument, and that’s what interests me about it,” he explains. “I start with the idea that anything is possible in music, and if tomorrow I want to totally change my musical style, I won’t hesitate to do so.”

This magnetic work of art is truly a shining star in the realms of the neo-classical world and LAAKE is an artist we can’t wait to watch closely…

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