Virgil Wilde – Misters (album)

John Zdrojeski aka Virgil Wilde is without a doubt one of the top artists when it comes to talent. Indeed, few artists offer quite the same unique sound and talent that he brings to the music scene, and his epitaph messages (Sing your song. Tell no lies. Rock ‘N’ roll) are sure to strike a chord with everyone who hears his songs and lyrics. Pretty White had the chance to listen to his new album ”Misters”, an enormous work that gives you a real Rock feeling.

John Zdrojeski is an Obie-award-winning actor, singer/songwriter, and performing artist based out of Brooklyn, NY. John’s first release was his debut EP Primitive. A five-song story chronicling the life cycle of a relationship, its music was heavily influenced by the work of Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, and Bon Iver.

”Misters” is a great and substantial 14 songs that serve up a creative rock recipe. The epic begins with “In The Weeds” as our protagonist, Jack, is surrounded on all sides by the toxic voices of the Misters. Following that, Virgil introduces himself in the 70’s-inspired, riff-tastic thunderbolt invocation, “O Rock N’ Roll.” And finally,  the third and final voice – our antagonist – reveals himself in the guise of moody, mysterious industrial rock in “Devil You Know I”. The beats are amazing and catchy, his flow authentic but unique, and everything is crafted to immerse the audience into an addictive musical journey. The lyrics are among the best, and the guitar playing is infectious. You’ll want to play ”Misters” over and over because of how energetic it is, and it has a unique quality.

We’ll be watching with greater interest for sure and wish him all of the best in his future goals and successes overall.

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