Our discovery of the day on Pretty white is entitled ”So”, by the talented Franc O’cher, the weekend’s best tune, which will definitely make your entire musical month. We were captivated by Franc O’cher’s singing talent and the lovely melodies from the very first notes. A rare moment of simplicity and purity in elegance. The song is an acoustic pop ballad that features catchy guitar melodies that blend beautifully with Franc O’cher’s alluring vocals. We were taken on a journey through feelings and affection by the singer. ”So” made us utterly disassociated from reality. In a place where music and love are frequently overlooked, this is a great musical bet to have a wonderful day.

We can not wait to hear more of his work. In the meantime, listen to the incredible song ”So” right now:

Franc O’cher made history in 2000 with several articles published in Quebec 2000 in the Echo Vedette editorial. The French Canadian singer-songwriter who’s singing in English has been qualified at that time as an essential discovery. After walking away from the scene in October 2000 for personal reasons, he finally made a comeback in 2022 and decided to publish 3 of his singles recorded in 2000. His latest release “SO” was written, recorded, and published in November 2022.

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