The Kemist Bassline ft. JonFX, Klee

The Kemist brings the heat with his infectious new single “Bassline” feat. JONFX & KLEEO. Between JonFX’s killer beat and Kleeo’s catchy melodies and vibe on the chorus, this song has energy with good vibes, the melodies are so rich, and the voices will hook you in. The melody of this single is catchy and impressive, and the production is great and sounds professional. For an addicting ride, turn up the volume and let yourself be consumed by these jumps with fiery intoxicating vibes.

Born in Kingston Jamaica, Errol “Kemar” Thompson aka The Kemist grew up around reggae royalty. His mother is the Queen of Reggae, Marcia Griffiths, and his father, Errol Thompson Snr, was a musician and popular radio personality. At the tender age of 3, The Kemist got his 1st moment in the spotlight sharing the stage with Reggae legend Bob Marley.
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