Flawes – Holding Out For The Win

Flawes, the dynamic electronic pop trio, release their new single ”Holding Out For The Win”. An electro breath that mixes with versatile pop bursts, under his song which caresses the hearts, this talented band slips emotions on edge, in filigree. Recreating a rhythm that is both bubbling and languid, delicately but furiously. So, with a conquering rhythm, under irresistible jolts, their groove slams intensely. ‘Holding Out For The Win” is about that split second in a relationship when you realize: this is something special,” says frontman JC Carruthers. “It’s based at the start of a relationship, and it documents the moment of falling in love with someone and realizing there’s something to be lost here. It’s the realization: I need to make this work.” Perfect to start the week as well as to end it, ”Holding Out For The Win” is recommended at all times of the day.

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