Here is J.W. CUDD with MAKE OUT, under electro jolts mixing melancholy swirls into intriguing mergers. He offers assonances just as airy, wielding caressing salvos and spicier backhands. A mixture of ethereal pop, sensual pulsations, and tortuous vibrations, MAKE OUT invites you to a poetic groove with playful acceleration. The song is filled with glittering synths and melodic hooks that will make you feel like the summer sunset is radiating on your skin like there are fun and passion in the night air. MAKE OUT sails in notes disturbed by sweet emotions and a haunting rhythm. Beaten with haunting percussions and beats, his arpeggios make you want more, right away. So turn up the sound for an enchanted break.

A clairvoyant at heart, a couture pop artist in the mind, and a Texas native from birth, J.W. CUDD is the spectrum of creativity in entertainment—encompassing music, art, and film. After releasing his first single at age sixteen, CUDD became the “Youngest Charted Artist” on The Texas Music Chart. With his second release, “Gold Digger’s Dream,” the song gained national and international success charting in the Top 20 on the European Country Music Association.
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