Preston C. Howell – Supply and Demand

Under a softness woven of percussion, Preston C. Howell distills Supply and Demand, fiery electro-pop bursts. Mixing caressing notes with boiling arpeggios, this gifted artist offers an irresistible groove. Under an erotic and smooth song, the bass lines gravitate in soft aerial zest. The guitars tunes are truly charming and the bass is incredible. The chorus is a hook and his performance is professional. Supply and Demand is meant to take you away from your troubles and into a place of peace and remind you that love truly overcomes anything. Make sure to follow Preston C. Howell on social media so you don’t miss any of his tracks.

With the charisma and composure of a seasoned performer, celebrated teen talent Preston C. Howell brings enthusiasm, energy, and compassion to every song he sings. Known for his buttery-smooth vocals and poised yet lively stage presence, the South Florida native has a big heart and a lush, agile voice that demonstrates effortless beauty.
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