Jakeb Daniel – Ghost

A folk with throbbing glares that glides on rattles and soft swings, here is Jakeb Daniel shared with us his beautiful song Ghost. Under this project with singular sounds, oscillating between weightlessness and powerful aerobatics.
In notes with poetic streaks, invites to soft waves of an irresistible rhythm. The lyrics are sad but honest and real and Jakeb’s voice is a piece of heaven, it’s pure and charming. Shaken by languid guitar riffs and bitten by bubbles filled with bewitching minimalism, the arpeggios of Ghost prevail.
Ghost“, is really about a conversation with an imagined future lover; while reminiscing about past romantic regrets and bitterness.

Jakeb Daniel is an original artist/singer songwriter who grew up in the town of Cobourg, Ontario Canada. Stylistically his music is a mix of indie, folk, and pop, with lyrical influences of the great Americana song writers and poets. He is proficient in multiple instruments including guitars, keyboards, percussion instruments and ukulele. He started playing the guitar at the age of 7 and has been singing from an even earlier age. He is predominantly ear trained; and self taught on the piano.
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