Emily James – what do i

Notes of ethereal sparkles, infused with delicious pop combinations, here is Emily James which unveils what do i. Originally from New York, Emily offers a sweet parenthesis full of spellbinding rhythmic overtones.
In graceful swings distilling a delicate groove, she weave a languid pop. hustle, Mixing lightness and caresses, Grains declines, poetry filled with a tender rhythm which strikes, under a sweet song. The chorus is very catchy and Emily’s vocal performance is very very professional which definitely shows how talented she is.
With all music written and produced by Emily James. 2020 brings us new music from James, with singles “bartender,” “kissing boys,” and now, “what do i,” which offer heartfelt melodies and lyrics that read like entries from a diary.

Growing up in New York, Emily James was surrounded by a wide variety of musical influences. She began writing her first songs when she was ten, incorporating the sounds of pop, rock, blues, and folk into her original melodies.
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