An Interview With Scared of Sharks

Q: Can you share the inspiration behind “Ode to Rose St.” and the story or memories that led to its creation?

A: I wrote Ode to Rose St. about a shared house that myself and Tim used to live in and that Louis and Otis were frequent visitors to. I broke my leg at a Amyl & The Sniffers concert right after I moved in, so I Had 6 weeks to sit around and watch the comings and goings on of everyone and the song came from that.

Q: How does “Ode to Rose St.” compare to your previous releases in terms of sound and lyrical content?

A: Defiantly a bit more fast paced than our first two releases. And lyrically it’s a bit more personal and honest rather than expressive.

Q: What was the collaborative process like for this single? How did each band member contribute to its creation?

A: Well, I took the song to Tim (Our Drummer) and we jammed on it a bit. He came up with a better outro/ending for it. Then louis had joind the band when we recorded it so he added the bass and also lead guitar on the end, witch he can play live now that Otis joind the band on bass.

Q: How has the band’s musical evolution influenced the sound and style of “Ode to Rose St.”?

A: Not too sure, still early days in terms of playing with the other three. So feel as though Ode to Rose st. provides a good jumping off point for us.

Q: “Ode to Rose St.” captures a sense of nostalgia and camaraderie. Can you delve deeper into the significance of Rose St. and its memories for the band?

A: Just lots of good times, pre covid, we were all a little bit bit younger had a little less responsibility’s.

Q: What challenges, if any, did you face while producing “Ode to Rose St.” and how did you overcome them?

A: Nah was a pretty smooth recording process. We recorded it with producer Radi Safi, who was keen to try a couple different vocal ideas with my delivery and the melody. But we ended up going with the original.

Q: How do you feel “Ode to Rose St.” reflects the essence and spirit of punk rock’n’roll?

A: Not too sure haha. In that it’s carefree?

Q: Can you talk about the recording and production process behind “Ode to Rose St.”? Were there any unique techniques or instruments used?

A: Nah just Guitar, Drums, Bass. Recorded the vocals through a guitar amp to make them a bit more ruff.

Q: How do you envision the visual representation or music video for “Ode to Rose St.”?

A: We wanted to get all the old hose mates togethers and shoot something or get a bunch of footage from when we lived there and compile it all together. But everyone’s varying work schedule prevented us. And most everyone had new phones and lost any/all the footage they had from back then.

Q: “Ode to Rose St.” has been received enthusiastically. How will this single shape the band’s future direction?

A: Not too sure. Just happy people like it.

Q: How has the fan response been to “Ode to Rose St.” during live performances, and are there any standout reactions or feedback you’ve received?

A: Yeah, people seem to be enjoying it. All the boys who got mentioned by name love it.

Q: Looking ahead, what can fans expect from Scared of Sharks in terms of upcoming projects or tours following the release of “Ode to Rose St.”?

A: We have our next single “2nd Jingle Idea” coming out on April 23rd and then another song in June followed by an EP a bit later in the year. So plenty more music coming.

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