OPELSINGS – ”Winter Love”

Opel Thompson, professionally known as OPELSINGS, has recently unveiled her latest musical creation, the enchanting single titled “Winter Love,” expertly produced by the talented Terrance ‘Smokey’ Ivory. This sophisticated slow jam showcases a rich bassline, impeccably complemented by Opel’s velvety and alluring vocals, positioning it as a standout within the esteemed landscape of UK R&B.

Marking the inaugural release from Opel’s forthcoming EP, the single ignites anticipation for a collection of soulful and enthralling tracks from this rising star in the R&B genre. Timely in its release, “Winter Love” emerges just in time to serenade audiences during the festive season, promising a tranquil and captivating musical journey for discerning listeners.

As Opel Thompson continues to carve her niche in the music industry, “Winter Love” stands as a testament to her artistic prowess, foreshadowing an exciting odyssey ahead for aficionados of R&B music. Stay tuned for more from this emerging sensation, as Opel’s trajectory promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Opelsings, an R&B singer/songwriter began in a girl group of friends called Monje in New Haven, CT becoming the youngest recipient of the Duke Ellington Award from the Yale School of Jazz Music and won first place on BET’s Teen Summit talent competition broadcasted nationwide. Opel returned to London, UK releasing her debut single BE THE ONE written by Monje. The Caribbean-inspired track was dedicated to their cousin and dear friend Charkea P. Neal.







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