Singaporean artist and singer-songwriter Haneri is making a powerful return after a brief hiatus with her stellar new single and refreshed sonic direction. Presenting the fourth instalment of her upcoming EP “Love (Part Three)”, Haneri serves up the enchanting chill-pop single “Thin Line”. Haneri’s debut a few years ago was highlighted by the soaring chart single “Burning Up”. This artist is no stranger to the alt-pop scene and is ready to make her new mark.

Speaking on the project herself, Haneri explains, “Thin Line,’ sharing, “The song was written to express how I’d feel being in that situation, and I hope if anyone can relate, they know they aren’t alone in their circumstance.”

Her new single “Thin Line” marks a new milestone for Haneri, as she takes complete creative control of the song she wrote, produced, and performed all by herself. This alt-pop offering transports her audience into a world of heavenly synths and other-wordly guitars, mixing elements of dreamy pop, indie, and electronic music to create an outstanding musical experience -a must listen artist and one to keep a close eye on!

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