D’Arcy is a true shining star on the scene with her latest releasee, “when i can’t sleep”, proving once again, her endless talents. With her new album The Art of Flying, she soared to incredible heights in November 2021, and her music continues to mesmerise.

D’Arcy’s spellbinding talent is evident in every note of “when i can’t sleep”. Her sold-out show at the legendary Fonda Theatre left audiences captivated, and it’s no surprise. Her music is a masterpiece of emotion and artistry that leaves a lasting impression.

D’Arcy’s latest music, born from a moment of early morning inspiration, is a testament to her dedication to her artistry. Her ability to turn a mere idea into a symphony is nothing short of magical. With her unique talent and soothing vocal, weaves stories magically and resonates with the soul prfoundly.

D’Arcy stands out as a unique artist, her debut album and her latest creations are a gift to our ears, and we can’t wait to see where her musical journey takes us next. A musical genius, a soaring star and a refreshing sound on the scene – D’Arcy is one to watch closely.

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