Jumbok Jay – I Don’t Care

Jumbok Jay, the prodigious musical and creative artist, has released a new single titled “I Don’t Care.” The track perfectly blends alternative hip-hop music and spacey beat-driven soundscapes. Jumbok Jay’s swaggering lyricism and original style make him stand out in the music industry.
The track has a strong and profoundly relatable message that connects people from all walks of life. Jumbok Jay’s inspiration for the song came from the different ways that music speaks to each and every soul. He wanted to create a track that would inspire people to be unapologetically themselves and not care about what others think.
The production in the track is nicely lo-fi and with a dark hint, which adds to the song’s overall vibe. Jumbok Jay’s latest release has received a massive response from his fans and the music industry alike. Jumbok Jay is an artist and entrepreneur on a mission to make an impact around the world with his music. He is unapologetically himself and weaves his lyricism over spacey beat-driven soundscapes to create his own entirely original style of alternative hip-hop music.

“I Don’t Care” is a must-listen for anyone who loves alternative hip-hop music with a strong message. You can listen to the track on all major streaming platforms.

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