Shana Valere – Stuck In My Head

We had the opportunity to discover  Shana Valere, the pop artist who recently caught our attention with her captivating new track ”Stuck In My Head”. Shana Valere’s voice is a piece of art and his beautiful and unique music sets him apart from the crowd. We hope you love this song as much as we do! With a string of shows in Australia, her native Philippines, and her current home New Zealand recently under her belt, Kiwi artist Valere is back with her sophomore single ”Stuck In My Head” from her upcoming EP. Out of hundreds of submissions we receive every week, there’s always one submission that stands out from the rest. And this week, Shana Valere caught our attention with her latest offering ”Stuck In My Head”.  Although her sound is unique, it’s a dreamy production that reminds us of popular and familiar hits. This amazing masterpiece left us so excited to see where Shana Valere’s career will go over the coming months!

With her alluring voice, and hauntingly beautiful sound she will catch more than one heart.

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