Sarantos Melogia – Another Surgery

The gifted artist Sarantos Melogia touched our souls today with the wonderful ”Another Surgery” song. The new single is a harrowing track that talks about losing a loved one, and shares Sarantos’ personal experience of dealing with his father’s passing. This piece of art offers a delicate and emotional-driven guitar, a peaceful atmosphere, and a voice that warms our hearts up. Sarantos is a dynamic genre-blending musical artist known for his powerful and thought-provoking projects. This song is a lush companion to our contemporary poetic rustic track, made with quality and authentic melodies, and will undoubtedly grab more than one heart worldwide!

“This modern rock song is about my dad and my health,” Sarantos said. “Every time I have surgery, which seems to be a lot, I’m not scared anymore because I always tell myself in a way, I get to spend a little bit of time with my dad catching up.” Sarantos delivers a captivating vocal line with a unique cadence and qualitative lyrical content. From start to finish, ”Another Surgery” will grab your attention.

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