The singer-songwriter artist Marlena  Trinity Georges aka Layna Lae has delivered a refreshing new song called “Copycat”Pretty White discovered the American Urban Pop Artist/Songwriter & Aspiring Actress talent through this delicious track “Copycat” that we listen to on repeat and that will accompany the beginning of the year on the best note possible. A blend of hip-hop and pop elements, catchy melodies, and a wonderful vocal performance, “Copycat” places Layna Lae among the most promising artists of 2023 and beyond. Layna Lae’s voice is a piece of art and her beautiful and unique music sets her apart from the crowd. When asked about her song “Copycat”, Layna Lae shared: “Despite the name of the song, there was no concept behind the madness. I just heard the beat one day, then started creating the melody in my head and everything just came together from there”. We hope you love this song as much as we do!

Layna Lae is a singer that you should keep an eye on. Listen to “Copycat” :

Layna Lae is an American hip-hop artist, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur from Waldorf, MD. Born of Haitian & Irish descent on June 27 in Boston, MA; Marlena Trinity Georges aka Layna Lae discovered her talent for writing music after being challenged to write an apology song for her best friend. Growing up in South Florida, Lae was “the girl who knew every song that came on the radio”; and attributes her diverse love for music and unique style to the late Michael Jackson, Drake, 90’s R&B, and the various sounds of contemporary rock.

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