BreakTime – Maybe No, Maybe Yes

Today, Pretty white is discovering quite an exciting and unexpected track. We are talking about the amazing “Maybe No, Maybe Yes”  by the BreakTime band from their new albumGreat Times. With their unique and stunning guitar playing, wonderful vocal performance, and thrilling rhythms, BreakTime demonstrates their limitless originality and force. From the first notes, “Maybe No, Maybe Yes” works perfectly and carries you into an incredible experience. Thanks to the fascinating and memorable hooks, nothing else matters for a short period of time other than feeling wonderful and confident.

Definitely, a terrific way to accompany your day is with this song. Let go of everything and dive into it now:

Do you think Rock n’ Roll is limited by generation? Sean, Thommy, Doug, and Peter of BreakTime champion an upbeat, optimistic pop-rock songwriting style with generous vintage touches culminating in a sonic celebration from their minds to your ears. Founded in 2018 to keep the youthful energy of beloved classic rock tunes alive, BreakTime developed from a standard-issue Jersey cover band into its own songwriting collective. A common occurrence at BreakTime’s shows: new listeners approach them and express appreciation for their songs written in the classic vein! Fans (a.k.a. “our spuds”) rocketed BreakTime’s debut “Rock N’ Roll Refugee” and latest single “Mastermind” to over 5,000 streams each. When not writing and recording new material at BT Studio One, you can find BreakTime performing the odd cover show or gigging with local original acts in the NY-NJ area.

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