The incredible and gifted singer Lisa Akuah release her new single “Fluid Suits”. A voice with sensual intonations that slides on guitar riffs and tumults of soft percussions, Let’s be honest, this is by far one of the most beautiful discoveries of this month right. As in weightlessness, its arpeggios unfold a graceful rhythm with distant vaporous echoes. “Fluid Suits”  defies gravity and ignores time. We became addicted to this delicious song from the first notes, It offers a captivating folk touch. Lisa Akuah’s vocal performance is amazing, and the realization is worthy of the greatest, and she knows how to captivate our hearts.

Intricate guitar picking that holds surprises at every turn, paired with a warm, resonant voice that enchants and pulls you into another world. With her debut album ”Outgrowing Nymph” now being firmly lodged in people’s ears, Lisa Akuah is now taking it upon herself to bring her Live Show to Europe. With a good pinch of self-irony and humor, she brings a lightness to the stage that, together with her melancholy lyrics, creates a unique live music experience – because behind every song hides a story. Sometimes even a funny one.

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