ellie d. – Get In The Way

ellie d.  amazing us with her performance in the new pop single ”Get In The Way”. This song is full of emotions, she unfolds the feelings in groovy intertwining, ”Get In The Way” enchants the hearts. In a catchy tune, and under a caressing song, the melodies are so beautiful and mesh with the lyrics perfectly. Embroidered back and forth and soaring sustained by gently powerful percussions, her amazing singing voice offer a unique experience. “Get In The Way” is about the emotional stage you go through right after a breakup when you try to go out and get back in the game or numb your feelings. The end result is the pop production of ”Get In The Way”, underpinned by a sensitive acoustic guitar.

Since her viral chill pop collaboration with Rando of “Passionfruit” by Drake, amassed over a million streams on Spotify alone, ellie d. has continued to deliver her honest brand of vulnerable lyrics and catchy melodies. She has over 1000 voice memos on her phone, always pressing record on her thoughts. This stream of consciousness becomes her song lyrics, real and relatable.

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