Love Ghost – Tidal Wave

“Tidal Wave”  by Love Ghost is one of the catchiest songs we’ve heard recently. The guitars and drums are incredibly catchy and the melodies are stunning and mesh with the singing voice perfectly. The lyrics are so original and mesh with the melody perfectly, the vocal melodies are so catchy. The energy of this song is so beautiful and the production is smart and professional which took this song to a new whole level. Echoing the sounds of Muse and Bring me the Horizon, a song about chasing the ghosts of time. The song is a mix of hard rock and progressive rock. This amazing masterpiece left us so excited to see where Love Ghost’s career will go over the coming months.

Rock combines live guitars, bass, and drums with trap 808 beats and electronic elements. Their music crawls into a space between ethereal grunge and lo-fi bedroom hip-hop punctuated by emotional deliveryairy hooks, and serious musicianship. The band has been written about in many publications. Known for their hyper-expressive songs, Love Ghost is composed of Finnegan Bell (lead vocals, guitar), Ryan Stevens (bass, vocals), Daniel Alcala (guitar, engineer, backing vocals) Cory Batchler (keys, production, backing vocals), and Danielle Gallardo (drums and backing vocals).
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