Uncle TreY x Qiayz – Tats & Jewelry

Uncle TreY collaborated with Phoenix, Arizona femcee Qiayz to release the piece of art ”Tats & Jewelry”. This song is full of emotions, Uncle TreY unfolds the feelings in groovy intertwining, ”Tats & Jewelry” enchants the hearts. In a catchy tune, and under a caressing song, the melodies are so beautiful and mesh with the lyrics perfectly. Embroidered back and forth and soaring sustained by gently powerful percussions, his amazing singing voice offer a unique experience. The production of this song is polished and sounds very professional and the chorus is wonderful.

Hailing from The Bronx, NY (by the way of Monroe County, PA), Uncle TreY is an artist who provides substance, refreshing new styles, and charisma through his music. His sound varies as does his musical concepts but he is consistently getting BETTER as he continues to create. His content is a reflection of his own trials and triumphs, yet isn’t limited to his personal lens, as he draws inspiration from the people and world around him.

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