Raelle – Sunrise

This piece of art “Sunrise” by the talented artist Raelle, is one of the most memorable tunes. The spirit of this song is so beautiful and the production is professional which took this song to a new level. Raelle makes us succumbs to her bewitching chords. Between delicately catchy swing and sensual beats, ”Sunrise” touches our hearts. The lyrics are honest and Raelle’s vocal performance is incredibly charming. ”Sunrise” is a metaphor used to describe the feeling of falling into someone and being able to be present at that moment with them.

Raelle is part of a new refreshing wave of Neo-soul artists from London. She started her musical journey as a child growing up in a Jamaican household in southeast London, listening to an array of musical talent, but what really seemed to speak to her was 70s soul. She nurtured this natural interest by attending Live music Jams and jazz nights across the capital, which finally saw her releasing her first single in 2020.
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