Brandon Sea – Man In The Mirror

Brandon Sea releases a caressing rhythm to RnB cadences in ”Man In The Mirror” with a languid breath. Multiplying the pop bursts’ assonances, this talented artist, from New Jersey, unveils a song with a delicate track that embraces tenderly. Filled with catchy and gracious swaying, the performance was professional and very good production, ”Man In The Mirror” deliciously cradles hearts. So, under chords with voluptuous echoes, Brandon Sea provides arpeggios that intertwine gracefully. While waiting for the rest, here is something to wait until the next lead.

Brandon Sea is an emerging artist hailing from New Jersey. Starting to make music about a year ago, Brandon is quickly mastering his sound. In his more recent tracks, he channels his thoughts and emotions about being in his own head and battling his demons. He is a master of word-play, making words sound alike and rhyme seamlessly.
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