Patrik Jean – Consequence

Stockholm-based singer and songwriter Patrik Jean now returns to unveil his highly-anticipated new EP ‘’Consequence’’ In sensual resonances, this talented artist slams hearts in a delicate groove. Produced by Herman Gardarfve, whose haunting signature we recognize, ‘’Consequence’’ makes you want to dance tenderly, between two intoxicating catchy notes. Patrik Jean’s beautiful voice and the rich production of this song fit together perfectly. This new delight makes for the perfect introduction to his latest body of work.

Patrik Jean is a Swedish singer and songwriter from Stockholm. Throughout the last few years, while writing songs for other artists, he has kept the most personal ones for himself. He recently shared those very honest and emotional stories in his debut EP. In soulful pop songs, he sings about guys and girls breaking his heart and the phases you go through getting over someone.
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