Caid Jones – Higher

With beaten notes and synthetic jolts, here is Caid Jones with Higher. Under throbbing percussions, Caid Jones invites to a Hip hop which by little accelerates the rhythms. Swept up with sensual song, Higher offers delicate embraces bursting with delicate jolts. Stirred with subtly vocoded bursts, Caid’s rhythms revolve in impressive waves, with heady electro echoes. At times, his song flirts with a graceful flow that grips hearts.  Higher coming off of his Debut Single “Changed Up“. Caid Jones surprising us once again for the second single release “Higher” off his upcoming EP “No Distractions Please”.

Born in Treaty 1 Winnipeg Manitoba, The 21-year-old First Nations/Irish artist Caid Jones is a Recording Artist & the Co-founder of PayAttention Records. He currently specializes in Hip-Hop/R & B but has shown his vision of becoming a fully immersed musician. Caid jones is focused heavily on community outreach, advocacy for indigenous voices in business and is passionate about environmental + social justice. He centers his music around his story in hopes to bring value and relation to those who listen.
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