FLØRE – Why Do I Miss You

An irresistible breath embroidered with synthetic notes, here is FLØRE unveiling her new track Why Do I Miss You. Under electro-bursting pop interlacing, this gifted artist has a pure and charming singing voice and it creates unique and wonderful atmospheres. The haunting and sensual rhythm will captivate you in heady arpeggios. From her catchy movements and her feverish crescendos to the chords percussed by soft percussions, FLØRE invites you to a suave and shady peregrination. With Why Do I Miss You, a sweet and spicy mixture, full of poetic echoes, they exude a desire to dance together with that of a gentle embrace. So under her exquisite rhythm and her heady swaying, FLØRE carries away in a reverse note that stays in people’s heads, furiously.

FLØRE writes songs “to give this weird existence a meaning”. Feeling like an alien for most of her life, she spent her childhood playing guitar, singing, and dreaming of the universe. She’s inspired by the darkness of growing up, the beautifully broken, and the feeling of what it must be like when life begins. Or what it must be like when it ends. Or what it is at all. She calls herself a moon lover, who expresses the loneliness in her songs, revealing her touching voice telling stories about her own fragileness, devotion for unusual human beings, and a broken love.
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