Matt Connelly – Future Strangers

A powerful breath, filled with cloudy notes with electro-pop assonances, here is Matt Connelly with Future Strangers.  Here, catchy twists with dark vibes contrast. Without a shadow of a doubt, Future Strangers slams playful notes. this gifted artist, originally from Australia, has a pure and amazing singing voice and it creates unique and wonderful atmospheres. Unveiling a talented artist, this title with threatening echoes and caressing outbursts, infuses an elaborate rhythm. So, with a spicy sweetness, Matt stands out and marks the hearts of his twirling notes with devastating sounding.

Future Strangers is a new project from Melbourne based producer and songwriter Matt Connelly. Whilst making music as Retro Culture, Matt found his start in music with his chillwave and 80’s inspired synth-pop, with tracks ‘Weekend’ going viral on Soundcloud followed by break out single ‘Calling’ in 2016. Future Strangers is not a complete abandonment of his previous music, but more so an evolution of Matt’s eclectic sound, now embracing all of his influences which sees him blending rock, hip hop, folk, and electronica.
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