A voice with sensual intonations and tumults of soft percussions, here is Felin with here new amazing song C19. As in weightlessness, its arpeggios unfold a graceful rhythm with distant vaporous echoes. Felin’s singing voice touches our hearts with this delicate song. Felin is a Stockholm-based artist who creates connections between sound and visual, constantly exploring the collision of these two creative worlds. Like memories in melody, Felin reveals the poetry of tender beauty, Her voice is a piece of art, it’s pure and rich and her performance is very professional which shows how talented and skillful she is.

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Felin is a Swedish audiovisual duo consisting of songwriter/ artist Elin Blom and photographer/ director Fredrik Etoall (the “F” in F E L I N). Having worked with the likes of Icona Pop, The Rolling Stones and Adam Lambert, F E L I N are all about the highest quality of sound as well as image, by making the two inter-dimensional and expansive of one another. Felin released their debut EP last fall and played the legendary TV-show ”Rockpalast” in Germany. Their song have been played on the radio in Scandinavia and UK and now they’re ready for the Swedish festival summer coming up.
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