Kayls – Just Another Day

With a dark breath of soulful echoes, here is Kayls who unveils a new track called Just Another Day. In languid salvos filled with keyboards and throbbing percussions, it distills a retro and poignant groove. Interweaving electronic assonances and Soul resonances, she creates feverish, irresistible combinations. Under a singular song caresses the body’s ardent rhythm. Multiplying the movements linked to each other by bewitching contrasts, her groove shakes up. Delivering devastating uppercuts with gentle strength and graceful swaying, Kayls touches hearts.

Kayls voice is like a drop of morning dew caught on a spider web stretching between a Ferrari F8 Tributo and a single desert poppy as weed smoke wafts by and a hundred dollar bill falls onto the concrete and you decide love is an illusion that you want to stay in for one more day. Her producer, Bambor Leany, makes tracks that are like soft serve diamond ice cream pressed into an electric fence surrounding San Quentin prison when it’s raining in autumn and you just dropped your phone but the screen didn’t break and you decide you need to get the hell out of here.
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