Matt Lovell – Trouble

With a pop singular intonations, here is Matt Lovell with Trouble, distills an irresistible rhythm, under powerful choirs. In swings full of air percussion and strokes of caressing synths, Trouble smacks of hearts. Multiplying the consonances in echoes hemming his notes with delicacy, this artist creates bewitching combinations. Behind Matt Lovell hides a gifted and talented singer-songwriter who weaves a groove with wandering zest. Inviting to a hovering interlude of dream pop, he makes you want to quickly hear his song until the last second.

He started writing this record in 2012, which means it will be nearly eight years old on the day it is released. In these years of writing and recording, he has gathered quite a wild palette of paints.  In a way, Nobody Cries Today has actually been his teacher.  As he has written these songs, each of them has been like a tiny rowboat to get hem from one day to the next.
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