WAYLEY – What’s It Gonna Take

Beneath pop and soul echoes, here is WAYLEY who unveils What’s It Gonna Take.
Beaten with emotions and graceful jolts, their arpeggios multiply the atmospheric swaying with gently melancholy cuffs. The vocals are a piece of art and powerful, we have enjoyed listening to this song till the last second. The production is very professional and polished very well. Distilling a groove filled with delicate beats, bordered by a sensual song, What’s It Gonna Take invites to a parenthesis bursting with sweetness. So, under ethereal melodies, WAYLEY passionately grabs hearts.

HAYLEY, the Folk/Pop alter-ego of Americana artist Andrew Sherriff was brought to life in 2018 through a quest for creative freedom. Most known for his work and success in the Indie/Folk duo, ‘Andrew & Veda’, Sherriff has always had a passion for staying true to a genre while pushing musical boundaries.
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