YELLE – Je T’Aime Encore

A caressing hoarse voice that distills a soul groove, the French dance-pop duo YELLE returns with a brand new song “Je T’Aime Encore”.
Beneath bass lines, minimalist percussion, they offer languidly irresistible notes. The performance is professional and solid, and Julie Budet has an amazing singing voice. A title with vaporous notes and graceful vibrations. The production work is professional, and the melodies of this record are unique and enjoyable which creates unique atmospheres. The ballad expresses this complicated relationship with the clear piano and brooding bass over a syncopated beat. Until then, be sure to follow YELLE carefully for a spellbinding retro swing.


“We’re French, and sometimes we’re more understood by American people, Swedish people or Spanish people,” Budet says. “They feel what we say and the energy that’s in our music, while France is a lot about overthinking, analyzing, and trying to put you into a box… That’s what the song is about. ‘We love you, but sometimes we don’t get you.’ Proper love song!”
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