The Karmanauts – Hold Me In Your Heart

With a Folk breath, here is The Karmanauts unveils Hold Me In Your Heart. This group offers swings bordered by softly intoxicating cracklings. Under a song with warm assonances, they invite to a throbbing rhythm embroidered with feelings, they make you want more.
Their notes abound with delicate percussion, soft guitars, and feverish incantations distilled by the song of The Karmanauts. Multiplying the contrasts, in an iridescent sweetness of poetry and a feverishness with fierce power, The Karmanauts marks hearts again and again. The production work is very professional and so interesting which makes this song very unique.

The Karmanauts’ experience as highly experienced and reputable studio session musicians in Northern California is so firmly infused into their music that the simple and solemn message, drawn from personal tragedy, of “Hold Me In Your Heart” maintains the interest of even the most discerning of music fans and musicians.
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