Deni Gauthier – Next Line

A suave folk that smacks of poetic sweets, here is Deni Gauthier who unveils Next Line.
Under a minimalist cadence, bursting with guitars and percussion, the notes navigate in tenderly throbbing tempos, offering a nostalgic breath that shakes hearts, with the exquisite movements of its singular rhythm.
Next Line is the lead single from Deni Gauthier’s ambitious new album He Said/She Said. The record was officially released on April 1, 2020. Deni Gauthier has the art and the way of weaving tales filled with delicate soul, dotting the notes of his bewitching song, mixing cloudy emotions.
The imaginary and the real are two places of life, Deni Gauthier links them together, in an ardent and infinite way. He is an artist to follow and cherish, furiously, while awaiting the follow-up, in line with the great songwriters.

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