Album: “Submerge” by Microplanet

Microplanet’s debut full-length album, “Submerge,” is a captivating journey through atmospheric and emotionally charged soundscapes. The album consists of 11 tracks, each showcasing the project’s unique ability to blend powerful vocals, dynamic guitar riffs, and evocative electronic elements. From the opening track “Painsucker” to the closing notes, “Submerge” is an immersive experience that resonates with themes of personal growth and introspection.

Nathan Wilson, the creative force behind Microplanet, has crafted an album that reflects his evolution as an artist. Influenced by a mix of atmospheric rock and the poetic depth of T.S. Eliot, Wilson’s music on “Submerge” explores the complexities of human emotion and self-discovery. Tracks like “Auto-Drift” and “Whirlpool” highlight his skill in building tension and releasing it through soaring melodies and intricate instrumental layers.

What makes “Submerge” truly stand out is its polished production, achieved entirely in Wilson’s home studio. The DIY roots of the project do not compromise the professional quality of the sound, which remains cohesive and refined throughout the album. This blend of personal narrative and high production values makes “Submerge” a noteworthy entry in the alternative rock genre.

I found “Submerge” to be a deeply engaging album that combines thought-provoking lyrics with rich, atmospheric instrumentation. It’s an album that invites listeners to dive deep and reflect, much like its title suggests.

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