An Interview With Ana & Gene

Q: Can you share the inspiration or the personal story behind the creation of “Narcissistic You”?

A: Hi there this is Ana speaking and it came about one day when Gene and I were talking about some of our past relationships.  Also I was telling him on how all I hear about from other people too was about Narcissistic behavior.   So then I got the idea to write a song about it and I told him and I said that I’m going to call it “Narcissistic You”.  He was like good idea and I will write the rythym to it.

Q: How does the songwriting and creative process work between the two of you? Do you have a specific method for collaborating on songs like “Narcissistic You”?

A: Hi everyone and this is Gene speaking now.  To let you know there is no specific method to making a song.  We want to write songs that people can all relate too on an emotional level.  Also Ana and I we just talk about alot of things that goes on in the world and our lives and we take it from there.

Q: The song delves into themes of narcissism and complex relationships. What drew you to explore these particular themes in your music?

A:  Like I said before Gene and I were just having conversations about some ex’s and how they treated us.  It really brought up some bad memories for the both of us.  It then made me think about everyone else in this world who dealt with the same thing.  So then that is when I came up with the idea to write a song about it.  Also I wanted to write as much realism in the song as possible and that is why I have the argueing back and forth of Gene and I.  Plus I wanted to write an anthem and show people that they didn’t have to stay in a toxic Narcissistic relationship.  

Q: Are there any artists or musical influences that particularly inspired the sound and style of “Narcissistic You”?

A: No, Gene and I are the type of musicians that write stuff that is uniquely our own.  Also we do love all different types of Genres but Pop and Rock is mostly at the top of our list.  So that is what inspired us to make “Narcissistic You” be Pop Rock.

Q: Your harmonies are a standout feature of your music. How do you approach the vocal arrangements and harmonies when creating a song?

A: Ana and I agree that it is something that comes naturally.  When creating a song you will come to a part in it that requires a special effect with your voice.  Also depending how you are writing out your song you will feel where and if you want harmonies.

Q: “Narcissistic You” is a title that immediately captures attention. Can you discuss how you decided on this title and its significance to the song’s overall message?

A: I came up with this title because the song is about a couple non stop argueing and being toxic towards each other.  They keep on trying to one up one another all the time and are calling each other a Narcissist.  So when I was speaking to Gene I was saying on how some people love to play the blame game.  To where they say the trigger words “It’s You, You, You! So that is how I came up with the idea to call the song “Narcissistic You”!

Q: Since the release of “Narcissistic You,” what has been the most surprising or memorable feedback you’ve received from listeners?

A:  Well Gene and I share this one friend and she was telling me how it’s her favorite song of all time and she sings it everyday.  I asked her why is it her favorite and she tells me because it is very catchy and she just loves the lryics.  Especially what stuck with her the most was the chorus line “Oh Narcissistic You”.  She also said that the song reminded her of how it was between her and her recent ex boyfriend.  Also alot of people were telling us how they love the song’s overall production and how they can releate to it as well.

Q: Like much of your work, this track carries a significant emotional weight. How do you hope it impacts your audience on an emotional level?

A:  Ana and I hope that it brings to light about people who have this problem with others.  To make them realize that they can do better for themselves.  That they don’t have to put up with someone that will always build them up just to tear them down.  As it has happened before to Ana and I in some of our past relationships.  

Q: Were there any particular challenges you faced during the creation of “Narcissistic You” or the EP as a whole?

A: What Ana and I faced in the very beginning was in finding the right musicians to help us bring out what we had in mind about our songs.   Also to make sure that our recordings came out the way we wanted them to under our producing.  So then we put together the band that is called “The Scene”.  Consisting of Buddy Woods lead Guitar, Michael O’connor Bass and Rob Lela on Drums.  They helped give us their creativity and that was the finishing touches that we needed for our EP.

Q: Can we expect a music video for “Narcissistic You”? If so, what themes or visual elements do you hope to explore?

A: Most definitely, Gene and I plan on making one very soon.  It will be telling the story of the song along with the lryics on it.

Q: Following the themes and the musical direction of “Narcissistic You,” how do you see your music evolving in future projects?

A:  Ana and I are hoping that our music will evolve from being on Radio to also get featured in Films, T.V. Sitcoms, Commercials and Etc.

Q: Finally, what message or feelings do you hope listeners take away from “Narcissistic You” and the EP “Uh-Oh Who Do You Love?”

A:  Well for the song Narcissistic You Gene and I  want people to realize it’s not healthy to stay in a toxic relationship.  Don’t let people disrespect you and your boundries.  Always stand for what you believe in to be right for yourself.  If it doesn’t agree with what someone else believes in don’t be afraid to call it truths and walk away to find something better for you!  Also from our song Uh-Oh Who Do You Love don’t be afraid to speak up and tell someone how you truly feel.  As for the other two songs just know that there is a love out there that is waiting for you to find.   One that will be everything that you have hoped for and that will grow together with you.

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