Q: Can you share the inspiration behind the creation of “Fight the Fray,” and what personal experiences or emotions motivated Amanda Daviner to explore the themes of self-doubt and triumph in this track?

A: The song is a reflection on the determination it takes to believe in yourself and follow through with your dreams, no matter how hard or unattainable they may seem. With great risk comes great reward but if those risks are never taken, how will we know that we did ourselves justice? This was the very big risk that I had to take when I moved to New York City back in 2015 to pursue a dream. I left a steady banking job with benefits and a 401k and leaped into the far less stable world of music and entertainment. This decision has caused me to confront my skepticism and realize that there is power in the faith that we have in ourselves. If we learn how to harness that power and believe in ourselves, we can accomplish anything. If you have what it takes to Fight the Fray, then find a way to make those dreams come true.

Q: The EP “Catharsis” has been praised for its emotional depth. How does “Fight the Fray” contribute to the overall narrative of the EP, and what message does Amanda hope to convey through this particular track?

A: Fight the Fray is the most inspiring track on the EP. It offers a perspective of hope and encouragement. I think looking around at the world today, we could all use a bit of that. Many of my other songs touch on somewhat heavier subject matter, which I find helps me process my more brooding emotions. I’ve learned as a writer that sharing that darkness, helps me to appreciate the light and allows for a balance in the material.

Q: Collaboration is a key aspect of the music industry. Can you discuss the creative process between Amanda Daviner and the producers, Oisin O’Malley and Steve Lyon, and how their contributions shaped the final version of “Fight the Fray”?

A: Oisín has tremendous attention to detail and helped write and shape many of those orchestral ideas and layers. He introduced me to Steve who completed these mixes in London. Steve is amazing! He really knows how to capture the rich sound and textures of my voice, and his mixes are incomparable. I am so thankful to know and be working with such talents!

Q: “Fight the Fray” addresses societal pressures and self-doubt. How does Amanda navigate the balance between vulnerability and strength in the lyrics and musical composition of the track?

A: I find that vulnerability is strength. It seems far easier to brush off your feelings or hide how you feel than it does to come out and stand up for yourself. Music is the one place in my life where I can be 100% honest. There are many things I have shied away from saying out loud in life that, through song, I am empowered to share. I have probably shared too much but I don’t mind, nor do I find it a fault. It’s very cathartic, hence the title of the EP.

Q: Amanda has gained attention for her live performances, co-headlining the Brooklyn Music Festival, among other notable gigs. How does she translate the emotional depth of “Fight the Fray” into a compelling live experience for her audience?

A: Getting out and playing for people brings this kind of energy you can only experience in front of an audience. The best feeling is getting approached after playing for strangers and being told that something I sang really resonated with them and awakened an emotion in them. When I perform, I project what I am singing as though I am reading right out of my diary. Emoting is a big part of my live performances because this is often what conveys the message of the song even clearer than the lyrics do. When people see what something means to you, they will in turn seek out the deeper meanings and lyrics so that they can piece together the full picture. This emotion creates a true connection. It is an energy exchange and you get back what you give.

Q: The previous single, “Déjà Vu,” achieved recognition on ReverbNation. How does “Fight the Fray” represent a progression or evolution in Amanda Daviner’s musical style and approach compared to her earlier works?

A: My writing style is an ever-evolving Ferris wheel of ideas. I like to play with different sounds and genres when creating my art and staying true to that process is extremely important to me. What makes this EP so special is the wonderful balance of creative control and collaboration I experienced during its conception. Being seen and fostered as an artist by amazing producers who share my same vision, was the greatest compliment to the production process that I could ask for.

Q: Amanda was the first artist to perform at Vimeo’s corporate offices. Can you discuss the significance of this performance and how it reflects Amanda’s ability to connect with diverse audiences through her music?

A: I am very grateful that as an unknown artist, Vimeo selected me to be the first musician to perform in their corporate offices. It was a terrific experience to meet and play for such a cool hardworking group of professionals. Certainly, a performance I will not forget.

Q: The title “Fight the Fray” suggests a struggle or battle. How does Amanda Daviner use musical elements, such as instrumentation and arrangement, to convey the emotional journey depicted in the song?

A: When I am writing a song, I focus not only on how the words and meaning will affect the listener but also how the instrumentation will help them feel the depth of the message. The whole experience should be immersive. This is also why I take great interest in sharing the visual aspects as well. My second single, Scorpio, has a beautifully shot music video to go with it which I wrote, directed and edited myself. All of these avenues of expression are very important to me when sharing my art.

Q: The EP “Catharsis” as a whole seems to be a journey of emotional release. How does “Fight the Fray” contribute to the cathartic experience for both Amanda as an artist and her listeners?

A: Fight the Fray is about pushing past the din of the naysayers and focusing on your own voice to propel you to succeed. I felt it was important to let people know that my journey has not been easy. Every day we must look into the mirror and tell ourselves that we are going to Fight the Fray of what society often tells us are our limitations. This is my mantra and I hope that other people will benefit from relating to the feeling of persevering through their own self-doubt.

Q: In an industry filled with various musical genres, “Fight the Fray” stands out with its innovative soundscapes. Can you discuss the creative decisions behind the musical arrangement and production that contribute to the uniqueness of this track?

A: I have always taken an interest in the influence that the Chamber Pop style of music has on a song. The horns and strings bring such rich textures to the music. They are layered into a tapestry of colorful emotive sounds and it lends itself to the style and subject matter of many of my songs. Oisín O Malley is an excellent musician and composer and his beautiful melodic arrangements complimented the ideas which I had sketched out on my demos. He and Steve Lyon really helped shape Fight the Fray into what it is today.

Q: Amanda has already achieved significant milestones in her career. How does “Fight the Fray” represent a turning point or a milestone in her artistic journey, and what challenges did she face while creating this particular piece?

A: This is a milestone for me because I have been so eager to share my first solo EP with the world. I worked through many ups and downs while being on this journey and had to Fight the Fray of my own disbelief during this process. This, ironically, was my biggest challenge but I am happy to say I’ve made it to the other side!

Q: Looking ahead, what themes and messages can we expect Amanda Daviner to explore in her future music, building on the foundation laid by “Fight the Fray” and the “Catharsis” EP?

A: I have had many experiences and themes to explore over the last few years and I am excited to close this chapter of my musical journey to explore the next. Catharsis is an examination of a time in my life when I was learning and becoming who I am as an artist. My next EP, Mania, will delve more into the lessons I learned after moving across the country to New York. Some songs are a bit heavier and more rock-influenced and I am excited to share that side of who I am as an artist. I am so thankful to everyone who worked on these projects with me and I look forward to sharing what lies ahead!

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