An Interview With When In May

Q: The birth of When In May on New Year’s Eve 2022 must have been an exciting moment. Can you share the story of how the band came together and what inspired its formation?

A: We’re a collective group of individuals coming from different projects who all want to make good music. We realized that the sound we wanted to make didn’t belong to the other projects we had at the time.

Q: Brett, as the founder of When In May, what motivated you to create a band that combines art, sound, and style? How do you envision these elements coming together in your music?

A: I wanted to be the guy I thought was cool when I was 13. I’ve always been attracted to a certain aesthetic and sound and how I believe these things correlate to each other. When making this project it’s been well thought out and everything we’ve done hasn’t been by chance but on purpose. Every aspect of the band is meticulously thought through.

Q: “Cheap Red Wine” is your debut single. Can you take us behind the scenes and share the inspiration and creative process that led to the development of this song?

A: There’s a lot of great takes in the pop-rock genre, and we felt as a collective that we could add something that hasn’t been heard before.

Q: The song explores the unglamorous side of a breakup. What specific emotions or personal experiences influenced the writing of “Cheap Red Wine,” and how did you aim to capture these in the lyrics?

A: Looks are addicting when it comes to a personality where you have to be intoxicated. I can fondly look back on some of these memories and make good music about them now. Without them, there is no When In May.

Q: The catchy chorus and addictive beat provide an interesting contrast to the darker tones of the narrative. How did you navigate the musical composition to ensure the right balance between the upbeat elements and the more serious theme of the song?

A: I wanted to create a song you can dance to five or six times before you realize what I’m actually saying. Some people find the lyrics to be dark, or funny and silly. It’s up to the interpretation of the listener, and everyone’s opinions are different.

Q: The title “Cheap Red Wine” suggests a certain atmosphere and mood. How does the choice of title contribute to the overall storytelling and vibe of the song?

A: You never know the name on the bottle that’s five to ten dollars, we’re describing the relationship as cheap and undesirable.

Q: In the production of “Cheap Red Wine,” what were some key decisions or challenges you faced to achieve the desired sound, and how did you overcome them?

A: I mean, our biggest challenge is being a fan of our own project before expecting anyone else to vibe with it.

Q: The song has a distinctive sound that spans across genres. How do you see the musical style of “Cheap Red Wine” reflecting the broader identity and direction of When In May as a band?

A: We have a range of songs we could have released first but felt like Cheap Red Wine was the one we wanted to share with the world to capture the character of the band.

Q: As a debut single, what message or statement do you hope “Cheap Red Wine” makes to both your existing fans and those who are just discovering When In May for the first time?

A: To those just now discovering us, we accept the invitation to become your new favorite band. We hope to make your life more and more cinematic with each song we release.

Q: “Cheap Red Wine” discusses a toxic relationship. How do you want listeners to connect with the narrative, and what do you hope they take away from the song?

A: If you like this song it means you’re a fan of yourself and your flaws, and maybe you should seek counseling.

Q: Were there any specific artists or musical influences that played a significant role in shaping the sound of “Cheap Red Wine”?

A: The artists that inspired us for this track were Coin, Arctic Monkeys, Joan, and MUNA. All these artists have annoying and repetitive riffs, so we wanted to make a song that’s annoying but addicting to listen to. 

Q: With the release of “Cheap Red Wine,” what reactions or feedback from your audience have stood out to you the most, and how do you use this input to inform your future work?

A: A lot of people weren’t a fan of the genre until we released this song, and we were a great introduction to the genre of pop rock for them. There was a lot of hype leading up to the single’s release, and there was a lot of pressure to live up to this hype. This song was a token to say “We were worth it.”

Q: As a band, how do you approach the challenge of making a memorable debut in a competitive music industry, and what strategies do you employ to ensure your music stands out?

A: To make a memorable debut is about being in their face and not taking no for an answer. You also can’t control how big of an impact it will have or how memorable it will be. When you release art into the world it stops being yours.

Q: Looking ahead, can you provide any insights into the themes or stories that might be explored in the future When In May releases, building upon the foundation laid by “Cheap Red Wine”?

A: We’re currently waterfalling towards an EP, and the next single is dated January 2024. The single will discuss the subject of its title, “After The Breakup”.

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