An Interview With Mourning Coffee

Q: Can you share the inspiration behind “Saving Grace” and the emotions you wanted to convey through the song?

A: Not to get too dark, but as time keeps passing and things keep changing it’s getting harder not to appreciate the people and things I have in my life. Nothing lasts forever, so why fight it? So this song is all about showing deep gratitude. 

Q: How does “Saving Grace” fit into the overall theme of your upcoming EP, “Within and Without”?

A: I’ve been doing a lot of inner work this year, and I’ve been allowing myself to fully mourn the many losses I’ve gone through. In doing so, I’ve found myself in a deep place of gratitude for everything in my life. So Saving Grace is about that specific aspect, while Within and Without are collectively about diving deep into myself to heal my trauma. 

Q: The acoustic guitar melodies in “Saving Grace” are particularly striking. Can you discuss your approach to the musical arrangement and the choice of instruments for this track?

A: Why thank you! I put so much thought into the expression of this song in particular, so that truly means a lot to hear. But to answer your question, I wanted the instruments used to match a melancholic autumn vibe. Folky, woodsy — and the haunting sounds of the sea (the whale songs and lead guitars) really make this reflect what makes me me. The multiple build-ups and breaks throughout the song too were carefully planned to give the listener as much of a journey/payoff as possible !

Q: The lyrics of “Saving Grace” seem deeply personal. Can you share the story behind the songwriting and any specific experiences that influenced the lyrics?

A: Without ruining the magick by giving away too much, sometimes it takes meeting one special person to help us realize the importance and beauty of everything around us. 

Q: How do you see “Saving Grace” contributing to your evolution as an artist within the indie-folk scene?

A: For the first time, I feel like I finally have a song that feels like a true representation of who I am. I’ve been writing forever now, and I’m very proud of everything I’ve done, but this song in both meaning and songwriting feels like a whole level up from the artist I’ve been. Little hints of who I’ve been throughout the years hide in certain melodies or instrument choices. I even had a close tell me that it sounded like my soul — what a beautiful thought. 

Q: Are there specific artists or musical influences that inspired the sound and style of “Saving Grace” and, more broadly, your music as a whole?

A: Oh so many, but if I had to list a few I’d say Death Cab for Cutie, Hovvdy, Sea Wolf, Kurt Vile, and Ben Howard are big influences on my music overall. It’s hard to narrow it down to just a few, but these are the artists I keep revisiting for inspiration time and time again. 

Q: The release date of “Saving Grace” is significant (September 20, 2023). Does this date hold any particular meaning for you or was it chosen for a specific reason?

A: You’re correct! So on top of it being 3 days before the fall equinox and I wanted to have an “autumn anthem” out by then, I was also seeing Death Cab & The Postal Service live in NYC that night so the date just felt right in so many ways!

Q: The title of the upcoming EP, “Within and Without,” suggests an exploration of inner and outer experiences. How does “Saving Grace” align with this thematic exploration?

A: So I touched on that briefly earlier, but you’re right — Within and Without is conceptually all about our relationship to the inner and outer worlds. And Saving Grace is about deep gratitude; the diamond mined from all the deep inner work I’ve been doing. Who knew I’d find so much light and love in the pits of my own darkness?

Q: “Saving Grace” showcases a heartfelt and soulful quality. How do you ensure that the genuine emotion and authenticity in your music translate to the listener?

A: Musically I think it’s hard not to be genuine as long as I stay true to what feels right for me, but the true meaning is always in my words. Words hold a lot of power and I believe how we use them can literally transform reality. So when I’m writing I always try to be as raw and vulnerable as possible — not holding anything back — and because I know I’m not alone in my suffering there will always be people who resonate with how I express my pain. In fact, it is my entire goal with Mourning Coffee to help others heal by sharing my pain and healing journey. 

Q: Can you provide insight into the creative process of developing the lyrics for “Saving Grace,” from initial concepts to the final version?

A: For this song, the melody was always there from the start. And once the music started coming together with structure, I sat with my journal and listened back to the track as I wrote. I always knew in my mind what I wanted to express once I first heard the melody, so once I put pen to paper the words came quite easily!

Q: In the context of your career, how do you view “Saving Grace” as a milestone, and what impact do you hope it will have on your audience?

A: I think music can heal the world, even if it’s just one person at a time. I know music saved me during years of abuse, my mother’s passing, and as things continue to change in my life today. Music remains an inspiring force behind everything I do, so if I’m gonna make music I want it to do what the music I listen to has done for me — even if it saves one life and turns their day around, that’s success to me. 

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