An Interview With Keldamuzik

Q: Hi! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

A: What’s up man! This is Keldamuzik a.k.a. Diva. I am in music. Artist. Actress. TV, host an entrepreneur. Also now a fashion designer.

Q: What was working with Kafani and Mika on the track like?

A: It was pretty cool. The collaboration fell into my lap. Shout out to Kafani for putting Mika on the track. She really killed that! I’ve known Kafani for years and so to have a collaboration with him now feels good because it came naturally.

Q: How does “Mind Sex” differ from your previous work?

A: So it’s funny I’ve only maybe created a few songs like this throughout my music career. I usually don’t like to get nasty and raunchy because that’s not really me. However, with this song, I wanted to do something wild and to reach a new audience.

Q: What message do you hope listeners take away from the song?

A: To be free. To be liberated. To think however you want them to interpret anything however, you want. We are at a stage in our life now where you can create whatever you want. However, you want the audience can have the freedom to imagine what you’re thinking.

Q: What challenges did you face while creating “Mind Sex”?

A: No challenges at all actually. With the music video, there were a few challenges as far as getting it on air but one BET Jamz gave us the green light and broadcasted it. Everything was straight butter like Diva!

Q: How did you get into music, and what inspired you to pursue a career in the industry?

A: I’ve been in the entertainment industry since I was five years old. I took my first headshots when I was five and I had a comp card as well. I loved acting modeling and singing the next thing you know I started writing scripts and poetry, and that led me to my hip-hop career.

Q: What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Mind Sex”?

A: Well, we were thinking of something sexual thing that would be attention-grabbing, yet still creative and that’s how the song came about. I just wanted to do something different. If I was going to get nasty with it, but I wanted to be artistic about it.

Q: What do you hope to achieve with your music in the long term?

A: I feel like if I share it, people will take my game, just kidding! I plan to dive more into licensing and music syncing, as well as doing more international shows.

Q: How has your sound evolved over the years, and where do you see it going?

A: My voice has changed a little bit and sometimes I get allergies yet I’m still on the mic. But as far as my sound, I want it to remain the same. I’ll never stop being who I am or sounding different.

Q: Can you tell us about any upcoming projects you have in the works?

A: Yeah, sure! I’ll be in the movie called Inhumane. I also am working on the Hodges with the comedian Mario Hodge. And I have quite a few fashion events coming up. Oh yes, let’s not forget about my line of the world’s Flyest Beret called TAMZ!

Q: What advice would you give aspiring musicians looking to enter the industry?

A: Work hard on the business and not so much on the music. You need to build a foundation of business for yourself first. Create yourself a platform. Then create the art that you want to showcase on your platform.

Q: How do you stay motivated and inspired to create new music?

A: If you have a passion for what you’re doing, there’s nothing that motivates you but your want and needs to pursue what you’re doing.


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