Spring Owls – Age the Heart

This incredible folk tune “Age the Heart” by singer-songwriter Spring Owls, is one of the beautiful tunes we’ve ever heard. The lyrics are so original and mesh with the melody perfectly, and the production is polished. Jesse David Lacy’s voice is pure and amazing and it creates unique and wonderful atmospheres which will give you a great experience. With graceful refrains and light pulsations, Spring Owls weaves a story with irresistible movements. So, for a captivating sweetness and charming breath, he catches hearts under his amazing and professional performance. Charting the map between regret and acceptance, “Age the Heart” finds a silver lining in the fallout of loss. The dramatic, yet still somehow fluid, atmosphere aims to capture the internal headspace of a person working through the final stages of grief.

Spring Owls artist profile | SubmitHub
Spring Owls, meaning “rebirth and wisdom”, is the recording name for singer/songwriter Jesse David Lacy. After releasing his first album (2013) and a single (2016), with the help of a successful crowdfunding campaign and touring it for 4 years, he took a break from music. Using his degree in English, he moved to South Korea to teach.
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