VÂN SCOTT – Long Time Comin’

A velvet voice that capsizes the senses on a bewitching melody, here is VÂN SCOTT with ”Long Time Comin”’. In attractive pop movements intermixed with catchy bursts, the slender assonances soar haloed with soft dissonances to offer bouquets of a dreamy rhythm. SCOTT’s stunning voice and the production of this song mesh together perfectly which makes the melody sparkle. This song is such a nice experience. Under sweetness outbursts and delicate caresses, this talented singer/songwriter Scott Oatley aka VÂN SCOTT establishes a suave groove. Embroidering plural swings with the irresistible breath, VÂN SCOTT shakes souls with his singular and bewitching rhythm.

Many people around the world have heard alt-pop singer/songwriter Scott Oatley aka Vân Scott’s voice, but they probably didn’t know it. As a sought-after singer in the Hollywood session scene, Scott has had the chance to perform on some of the industry’s most well-known projects that began with a recording session at Capitol Records in 2008 for Disney’s High School Musical 3 soundtrack.
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